Scotched (Liss MacCrimmon Series #5)

Scotched - Kaitlyn Dunnett I can't really decide if I liked this installment or not. Part of it might be that I accidentally spoiled the ending for myself when I caught a glimpse of the last pages when I dropped the book. But more is that it simply is not the best of the series. The mystery really didn't hold my attention, and by the end, I really didn't care whodunit. I just wanted the annoying people to go away. I thought there were too many characters and too much going on, and yet not enough time with the series regulars. I'll keep going in the series because I like the regular characters, but this one can easily be skipped with no harm done. It is very much like "filler" episodes of a regular television series. It can fall anywhere in the timeline of the series because there is no series advancement.

Over all, I think I was disappointed in the book because I expected something different.