Dying by the Sword - Sarah D'Almeida For the final book in the series, it left a few questions unanswered, and the mystery was convoluted and involved, almost as though the author fully expected there to be another book to finish out the series. The action was complicated by far too many characters, many of whom never went anywhere and left only questions.

The story was true Musketeer style, though it seemed like the book started out in one place and finished in a completely different direction, as though the publisher cancelled the next book in the middle of writing this one so that the story had to be wrapped up, but really never quite finished.

It is a problem with series, especially those that have overarching plots. I wish there was a last book to wrap things up, but alas, all I have is Dumas' original D'Artagnan Romances. I shall put them on my list to be re-read soon.

On the whole, a very disappointing end to an otherwise great series.