Grand Days (Edith Trilogy #01) - Frank Moorhouse Uggh. This book dragged. I should have given up on it each time I thought I should, but I kept reading in the hopes it may get better. It didn't. By the end the only character I even sort of liked had been sacrificed and there was nothing left to hold my interest. I finished the book, only to say I had. I will definitely not be searching out the remaining books in the trilogy.

Overall, it was too long, too wandering, too vague, and had much too much sex. I had hoped there would be more on the background of the League of Nations, a subject about which I know very little (I've found that in history, if the US wasn't involved, it really gets glossed over in schools and history textbooks), but in the end it was just a whiney idealist woman coming up against a world that does not share her ideals. And in the end, like most idealist people, she had to compromise her ideals.

There was nothing really to recommend this book other than the interesting cover photo. Do yourself a favor and skip it. It's not worth the time.