The Northern Lights - Lucy Jago I do not remember why or when I got this book, I can only assume it was the cover that intrigued me. I really had no idea about the subject, and even less interest in it. That was before I read the book. Now that I have finished it, I am much more interested.
The book itself was a bit slow in places. I was sorry there was not more detail into the research that was done on the aurora borealis. There was plenty of description of the process of collecting the data, but very little of the text was spent on describing the results of the research, as far as I could tell. And that was the interesting part to me. The science aspect could have been better handled.
But it was an interesting view to the life of man who was not recognized for the renaissance man, possible genius he was until 50 years after his death. Well worth the read if you are looking for a story about a far less-known scientist.