Crunch Time - Diane Mott Davidson I usually tear through these mysteries. I slogged through this one. I found it the mystery itself to be overly complicated and the interaction between the characters contrived. I read as an escape from the daily pressures of my real life, and I can usually count on Goldy Schulz to help me in that escape, as a light and fluffy, easy read. This one was so complicated and the story so convoluted that I had to take notes to keep everything straight. I had trouble liking the newly introduced characters, and as such, had a hard time caring what happened to them. My favorite and familiar characters were almost minor inclusions, afterthoughts giving some minor lines just to keep series regulars happy. I struggled through the book and was truly not rewarded when I reached the end. Even the recipes, which usually sound so interesting and yummy, failed to grab me. It might be time to give up on Goldy, for me and for the author -- she seems to be getting tired of the character.