Born to Rule: Five Reigning Consorts, Granddaughters of Queen Victoria - Julia P. Gelardi I enjoyed the book. I found the overview stories somewhat annoying because I would have liked more detail for some of the events. And though the title indicated it was the story of five reigning consorts, it felt to me that the tale of Queen Maud of Norway was glossed over, and only mentioned to make the number five rather than four. Perhaps that was simply because Norway was not thrown into the chaos of Russia, Greece, Romania, or Spain in the period following WWI, but it still seems as though Maud's story was an after thought. Often it was "Meanwhile, in Norway..."

On the whole I can recommend this book as a good overview, and there were some interesting facts I had not known before, but if you are interested in the sagas of the consorts in question, there are other, better resources.