The Woman Who Died A Lot  - Jasper Fforde Another exciting and mostly wacky adventure with Thursday Next and company. It was a good, but not my favourite in the series, and it didn't wrap things up as neatly as I would have liked. I think the best series installments can be read as stand-alone books as well as being part of a series, and I think this one needs the previous entries and the yet-to-be-released next installment to make sense. This is too dependent on the other books in the series. I have to wonder if Mr. Fforde is keeping it up out of obligation to and demand from his fans. If that is the case, stop the series and leave it as is. Not everything needs a sequel and as far as sequels go, this one was not great. As things stand now, I'd recommend reading this one only if you are a serious Fforde fan, and only then if you have time to kill. I can only hope the nest installment of Thursday's adventures redeems the series.