A Carol for a Corpse - Claudia Bishop I always think of the Quilliam sisters as friends whose lives are a television show. I can just hear the "don't go into the basement" music anytime the two of them hatch anything resembling a plot. This book was a fun read, though I guess the subplot mystery within the first few pages. For the main mystery I had the right killer early on as well. But that did not diminish my enjoyment of the book.

Do not look to this series of books if you want great literature. You're not going to find it. They are exactly what they are advertised as: good, fun, cozy mysteries. They are great plant reads, but that is what I want in my reading -- a way to escape real life for a little while and live in another world. Hemlock Falls is an easy place to escape to, and an easy place to leave when the vacation there is over. But it's the kind of place you can visit again and again and never get bored.