Sweet Revenge - Andrea Penrose I'm not sure the blurb on the back is an accurate blurb for this book. The blurb gave me a completely different impression of the story. I was very disappointed by the misleading blurb, but not by the book. It was a interesting, if confusing and detail intense mystery. What was at its heart a simple revenge mystery become much more convoluted and complicated. It was a gripping mystery, but still mired in detail -- but meaningless details as they never really seemed to go anywhere, and the mystery would have been just as good without the incomplete background. It was almost as if the author needed a scandal, and she picked a complicated, historical scandal to use. The unfortunate thing is that the author, despite her research seems not to understand the scandal she picked well-enough to explain it to the readers in a way that made sense to the mystery. Perhaps the author needed to go back to the drawing board, or at least an economics classroom for a few more lessons.

The other issue I have with the book is, that despite the evidence that chocolate was being sold as candies in Paris at the time, I have serious doubts that it was available in London at the time, even to the prince Regent. This goes against factual histories on chocolate's development and sale in England. I have no doubts that drinking chocolate was widely available and widely consumed, but I doubt that chocolate was available as more than a novelty for the elite at the time.

Historical questions and ill-explained scandals aside, I did enjoy the book as a diversion and will read the next-in-series, but I do look at them as nothing more than pure fiction. And I caution readers to not even try to understand the scandal from this volume.