Recipe for Treason - Andrea Penrose The third installment of this series has certainly been the best so far, but it's still not good enough for me to recommend to anyone. The story continued from the first two books, and it would be difficult to know the players without having read the first two. Additionally, I found the individual book mystery a bit hastily crafted and concluded, not quite an afterthought, but certainly more attention could have been focused on its solution. Likewise, I felt the overarching mystery was a bit hastily concluded. Not that it was not an action-packed solution, but it really felt as though the author needed a big finish and this was the best, biggest, showiest Hollywood ending available.

As with the other two book, I really feel as though the author wanted to set the mystery around a complicated discovery, that she herself did not understand enough to explain to her readers. This is sloppy research and a poor way to craft a mystery. I would have preferred if the author had a better understanding of the mystery's subject. It would have been far better had the mystery centered around chocolate, about which the author apparently knows far more.

On the whole the books were an interesting diversion if nothing else is available for reading. If I had known then what I know now, I would never have bought them.

Overall rating: Disappointing