Wuthering Heights - Emily Brontë, Daphne Merkin I first "read" this book in high school. I didn't like it then, and really had no desire to give it another go. But then I signed up for a reading challenge and needed to read a book mentioned in a book I really enjoyed. So I picked this one, because it's characters are discussed at length in Jasper Fforde's Lost in a Good Book, which is my favourite Thursday Next installment.

It took me two years to get around to reading this book (the reading challenge went for 3 months), but I finally did. And I can honestly say I did not like it any more this time than I did in high school. I could not generate any concern for the characters, and really just wanted to slap them all. I struggled through this book for over a month, trying to convince myself to just get it over with. And now that I have, it will not be going back on my shelf, and I am DONE -- D...O...N...E with trying to read anything by a Bronte sister.

Really, if you are considering this book, just pick up Lost in a Good Book. You'll thank yourself and Jasper Fforde will too.