Naughty In Nice (A Royal Spyness Mystery) - Rhys Bowen I am so glad I pushed through the two previous books to finally get to this one. Naughty in Nice is back to being the good Georgie, the one we met in the first couple of books. It's given me hope for the series.

A good thing about this series is each novel is relatively stand-alone and do not depend on having read the previous episodes to follow the story. And with that in mind, I would recommend people skipping the previous two (Royal Flush and Royal Blood) and just go straight from A Royal Pain to Naughty in Nice.

The mystery was well done. Like Georgie, I was on the wrong track for most of the book. The subplot of Darcy was well done and I enjoyed that bit of a real life romance, rather than the damsel-in-distress of the previous episodes. And I loved that her evil, snarky, nasty sister-in-law was relegated to a background, background character.

It's a fun read, definitely worthwhile. It's more of a beach read than a serious one, but you will not be sorry to pick it up.