The Westing Game - Ellen Raskin I have loved this book since I read it the first time when I was like 12. My copy has been well-loved and well-read -- the pages are showing wear, the cover is bent and nicked and it feels like a book that has been read -- many times.

I tried to share this book as part of our family story-time, but found it's really not the kind of book that can be read aloud very well, so in the end I just finished it alone.

It's a great mystery, and an excellent introduction to the genre for children and pre-teens, but still enjoyable enough for adults to read (and re-read).

I find each time I re-read it, I forget just enough to make it easy to read without spoiling the ending, though by the time I get to the end, I remember it from previous reads.

On the whole it's a great book, and if my copy were not so incredibly fragile, I would definitely loan it out to friends, because it is that kind of book.