The Green Mill Murder: A Phryne Fisher Mystery

The Green Mill Murder: A Phryne Fisher Mystery - Kerry Greenwood Another great adventure with Phryne! I really do enjoy these adventures. I had seen the ABC (Australia) production of this before I read the book, so I was not really surprised with the "whodunit" aspect, but was pleasantly surprised with how much better the book is than the production. I really felt cheated by watching the production.

The book was great and, was fittingly timed. There was a very long discussion of the Australian forces in WWI -- both at Gallipoli and at the Battle of Pozieres. I think Americans have a distorted view of WWI, as most history classes only focus on the US part of the war and there was much, much more to it. I read this book over ANZAC Day and the history lesson was both timely and appreciated.

This has definitely been one of the better of the series for me. If you can only share one Phryne Fisher adventure, this one should be it.