Superchef Australia: A Parody

Superchef Australia: A Parody - Ben Pobjie I thought I would enjoy this book more than I did. It opened hilariously, I was giggling non-stop though the character introductions, but after then the chuckles were few and far between. The idea had potential, but I wish I had been flushed out more with more description of the SuperChef competition. Many references were made to episodes, but there was no narrative about those episodes. I was really hoping for a narrative-style parody of the reality-cooking shows. If that is what you are looking for, you will be disappointed by this book. I think of it as a good start, but I would have preferred more narrative and fewer bullet-point essays. It was all well and good to get to know the characters, but readers are left hanging with nowhere to go from the introductions.

Maybe I missed the point of the book, but I found it to be less parody novel and more parody PlayBill. If a sequel comes out, with an actual plot and narrative, I may give it a shot, but on the whole I think Mr. Pobjie has found his medium in thoughts of 140 characters.