Calm, Cool and Adjusted (Spa Girls Series #3)

Calm, Cool, and Adjusted: The Pursuit of Life, Love and the Perfect Pedicure!  (Spa Girls) - Kristin Billerbeck I enjoyed this last installment of the Spa Girls series. I made the mistake of reading the last chapter first, so I knew what was coming as I read the book, and that made it a bit predictable and formulaic, but it was a good enjoyable beach-y read.

This was the least enjoyable of the series for me, but still a worthwhile final. I would like an update after some time has past, just to see what happened to the Girls as they grew up. Despite having jobs and families, they were still very immature. I'd like to revisit them after they have grown and settled a bit more. Perhaps the author could do a follow-up book.

It's definitely worth reading, but the kind of book you take on vacation or read when you need something light and fluffy.