Between Heaven and Hell

Between Heaven and Hell - Peter Kreeft This was a very interesting discussion of Christianity from the points of view of three famous people who happened to die on the same day. I found the book from a link at the Wikipedia article on the three people who died November 22, 1963. The book was challenging to ideas, though not to read. I really came away from the book thinking about what I believe and why, and questioning my own faith. I do not believe that questions of faith are a bad thing. I found the discussion to be interesting, though I did disagree with the ideas at some points. I see the point, but I disagree with the route taken to get there, especially if one views the Bible not as an accurate historical record, but as a collection of oral histories. The fact that the truth of the Bible is in question was not really covered by the argument and I thought it should have been discussed in ways it was not.

Overall this book is definitely worth the read and it will make you think about your own beliefs.