An East End Murder (Charles Lenox Mysteries, 4.5 short story)

An East End Murder (Charles Lenox Mysteries, 4.5 short story) - Charles Finch I'm a big Charles Lenox fan, but I thought this short story was lacking. I understand it was a short story and could not have been as along or as detailed as a full-length novel, but still this story seemed unfinished and unpolished. It was the beginning of an idea and needed more work to make it work better. It was a quick visit during a busy work-day rather than a nice, long friendly afternoon off. The idea was good, and the mystery was intriguing, but I was expected better. I was also disappointed that half of of the ebook I downloaded was a preview of the next book in the series. That was deceptive and frankly makes me question purchasing further novellas/short stories by the author (I know that was probably the publisher's decision, but still it feels as of the story was written as a stop-gap teaser until the next-in-series book was available.)