The Cat Next Door

The Cat Next Door - Marian Babson Marian Babson is one of those authors that I tend to forget how much I enjoy her books until I read them. They are not usually very long, but there is a great deal of plot in the slim volumes.

This one was no different. The Cat Next Door was a really minor, but important character, and I think it would have been better had the title not been changed for the US market. The original title was Deadly Deceit, which was a more descriptive title. I think the US market needs a catch to hang the "series" on and in Marian Babson's case, it was cats.

It was a very good mystery, and I was on the wrong track for the whole book. I like it when I have trouble figuring out the mystery. Some readers may find the long lead-up to the murder annoying, but I kind of like having the exposition and then a relatively quick resolution.

If you haven't tried out a Marian Babson book, give one a go -- it's a quick fun read, great for planes, trains, or waiting rooms.